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Nestled atop a gentle hill overlooking the enchanting valley of Vallingegno, Suflora is a stone house built hundreds of years ago around a watchtower. Now, Suflora consists of two studios on the ground floor and a larger apartment on the second and third floors.

Meticulously renovated in 2023, this haven not only retains its original charm and the historic building features but emphasizes them.

By using complementary colors and fabrics in our interior design, the classic vaulted ceilings featuring exposed beams and terracotta tiles, the antique and refurbished furniture and the terracotta-tiled floors stand out even more.

Original window handles, French doors, and the no-air-condition-needed meter-thick walls complement the historic aspects while modern-day features like mosquito nets on all windows, dishwashers, rain showers, central heating, private entrances, private workstations, and seamless WiFi throughout the entire house and garden ensure comfort and convenience. A washing machine and a dryer are at your disposal for longer stays.

Multiple terraces around the house offer dining tables for alfresco meals and lounge areas for relaxing. The garden features further seating and resting areas like hammocks and benches amongst breathtaking views and surrounded by olive trees, cypresses, rosemary bushes, lavender, roses, and oleander.


The house’s robust, meter-thick walls and terracotta-tiled roof maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere throughout the year.


Even during sun-drenched Umbrian summers, it offers a naturally cool environment that renders air conditioning unnecessary. 


Come winter, central heating in all apartments and additional wood-burning ovens in the Etruscan Suite and Hesse's Studio envelop you in warmth, creating cozy retreats against the crisp outdoor air.

A drone shot of Suflora Residence, showing impressive exterior stone walls.


Suflora's water undergoes revitalization through the Grander system, enhancing hydration by restoring water’s natural vitality and structure without the use of chemicals or external energy sources:

Improved Taste and Quality: Grander water tastes fresher and cleaner than untreated tap water. The revitalization process enhances the natural qualities of water, making it more enjoyable to drink.

Skin Health: Grander water can help alleviate certain skin conditions such as dryness, eczema, and dermatitis.

Enhanced Biological Benefits: It can positively affect the body's cellular functions, promoting better hydration and overall well-being.

Dramatic sky shortly after a storm in the Valley of Genius, Vallingegno, Italy


Suflora’s 25 acres are a testament to the luxury of space and tranquility. Ample outdoor seating — be it lounges, hammocks, or dining tables — invites you to unwind under the sky's expansive canvas, with seamless WiFi in the garden area ensuring you stay connected.

Once you decide to stroll further away from the residence, LTE has you covered. 

A ripe pomegranate in the garden of Suflora in the Valley of Genius, Vallingegno, Umbria
Red roses with a backdrop of olive trees, in the garden of Suflora, the Thinker's Residence
Woman lounging on a daybed in Suflora's Barbapiccola's Studio, looking out of the window into the garden
A replica of Etruscan art - an elegant horse. Located in the Etruscan Studio at Suflora, in the Valley of Genius in Umbria


Suflora is a haven exclusively for adults, ensuring a serene atmosphere where time slows down, allowing you to savor every moment of your retreat. In keeping with our theme of tranquility and uninterrupted retreat, we extend our hospitality to adult humans only, with no accommodation for pets.

View out of the living room window in Suflora's Etruscan Suite
Lavendar in full bloom in the garden of Suflora in the Valley of Genius, Vallingegno, Italy


Barbapiccola's Studio

Max 2 guests

One double bed and one single bed in the living area, which can be set up as a couch.

Hesse's Studio

Max 2 guests

One double bed (six square meter bed nook)

Etruscan Suite

Max 4 guests

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Beds can be set up as doubles or singles

Entire Residence

Max 8 guests

Exclusive use of the entire house and garden. 3 kitchens, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.

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