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A wine glass, a bottle of wine, and a board with cheese set on the dining table in Barbapiccola's Studio

1 double bed, and one single bed in the living area that can also be set up as a couch

1 bathroom

1 desk

Living area with couch or single bed, daybed or desk extension, TV

Fully equipped kitchen, dining table

Barbapiccola's Studio is a tribute to the visionary 18th-century champion of women's education, embodying her spirit of innovation and resilience. This studio seamlessly blends the warmth of traditional dark wood with the contemporary edge of lighter tones and concrete light fixtures, crafting an ambiance that's both inviting and inspiring.

The heart of the studio is its fully-equipped kitchen, where culinary creativity knows no bounds. With ample countertop space, storage, and modern appliances including a dishwasher, fridge, cooktop, and oven, it's designed for those who love to cook. Plus, we offer to stock the kitchen with your choice of groceries before you arrive, ensuring you have everything you need to start your stay.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a dining area, perfect for enjoying your homemade meals. The living space is thoughtfully designed for both work and relaxation. A desk by the window, extendable for more space, provides a serene spot for focus and creativity, overlooking the lush garden. For those moments of leisure, the daybed by the window is your nook for contemplation or simply basking in the beauty of the outdoors.

Sleeping arrangements are crafted with a double mattress in a cozy bed nook, complemented by another reading spot by the window for tranquil afternoons. Darkening curtains allow you to separate the living area for privacy or to create the perfect ambiance for rest.

The studio is equipped with mosquito nets and shutters on all windows, ensuring a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. The couch, built with an actual mattress, serves as both a single bed and a comfy sofa, offering maximum flexibility.

Storage solutions are cleverly integrated throughout, with lighted wardrobes for easy organization and additional space under the bed and couch, keeping your living area tidy and spacious.

The bathroom continues the theme of thoughtful luxury, featuring a walk-in shower with both a rain shower and a handheld option, a toilet with a built-in bidet, and high-quality, fluffy towels and natural-scented toiletries.

Seersucker sheets, celebrated for their temperature-regulating properties and 100% cotton composition, promise a night of restful sleep, adapting seamlessly from the warmth of summer to the cool of winter.

Barbapiccola's Studio is more than an apartment; it's a haven where the legacy of a remarkable woman inspires you to explore, create, and recharge, surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of Umbria.


Sleep even better knowing that each night you spend at Suflora, a tree will be planted.

Your trees will support reforestation in areas that have been affected by forest fires.

Suflora's collaboration with OneTreePlanted: Every night one tree


Minimum stay is 2 nights - anything shorter would mean you're rushing. And that is not at all what Suflora is about. 

Price per Night: EUR 154

Included in the price: WiFi, central heating, weekly cleaning (including change of towels and bedding and essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, hand soap, detergent), electricity, water, gas, tourist taxes, initial pick-up from Perugia or Assisi train station, monitors/keyboard/mouse/whiteboard.

Not included: Wood and/or pellets for the additional stoves and fireplaces, groceries, pick-up from Ancona or Rome airports, canvas and colors for your creative endeavors. 

Discount: Four Season Focus Package

Lean into Suflora's rhythm with this unique deal: Book 3 weeks anytime in the year, and your 4th week is free. Perfect for those who thrive on pacing their projects and relaxation throughout the year for an ongoing momentum. No need to commit in advance: If you stayed 3 weeks within the previous 358 days, just give us a shout and you can book your 4th week with 100% discount.

Discount: Extended Stay Creator's Package

Dive deep into your creative and restorative journey and book a continuous stay of 4 weeks or longer at Suflora for a 25% discount, allowing you to immerse fully into the serene Umbrian landscape and your ideas. 

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